Don't wait until it's too late, start planning and preparing now

Tax Planning

 It is important to start early with tax planning so there are no hidden surprises on April 15th.

We offer, through a separate engagement, tax projection services. We will meet with you to discuss and analyze the various tax elements including investments that will affect that tax year and analyze this information. We will then meet with you again to review your estimated tax liability for that tax year and make recommendations for tax withholding if you are a W2 wage earner or suggest estimated tax payments if necessary.

 If you are a business owner, lack of planning can produce a big surprise at tax time. We will meet with you to discuss how K-1s and pass-through income will affect your bottom line and how this affects your personal tax return.

Tax Preparation

 As we approach Corporate and Individual Tax Return deadlines, we meet with you for a tax interview. We start in January by sending you a tax organizer in preparation for this meeting. Once a tax client with the firm, you will receive a customized tax organizer that fits your tax documents specifically. As a new client, you will receive a blank tax organizer that will help guide you through the items needed for us to successfully prepare your tax return.

Cost:The cost of our tax return preparation is based on a fee schedule. We charge per form. Our fees are stated clearly and you are welcome to ask us questions regarding approximated costs during your tax interview.

Time: We will prepare your tax return as quickly as reasonably possible providing that we have all of your tax documents to complete the work.

Filing: We are established as an electronic filing firm with the IRS! This process ensures the quickest and safest route for your tax return at filing time. Which means that you do not have to mail your tax return! Since we file your tax return electronically, we are notified by the IRS immediately whether or not your tax return was accepted or rejected. This allows us to work on your behalf to quickly address any problems that might have previously taken months to overcome.