Insurance Planning

Life Insurance

How much insurance do you need? Should you buy permanent or term insurance? Most clients don’t know the answers to these questions and don’t know where to start. That is where we can help. We start by using Human Life Value to determine how much insurance you need and factor-in other objectives as well, such as: How much of an inheritance do you want to leave to your family or charitable organization? How much do your children, whether they be adolescent or adult, rely on you for financial support? How much does your wife rely on you for financial support? If you are a partner in a business, will that business be able to transfer your ownership value to your heirs in the event of your passing? The answers to these questions, and more, are important components in planning for life insurance needs.

Also, do you have the “Old” or the “New” life insurance? New policies issued today have excellent provisions which would allow you to better cope with Critical, Chronic and Terminal illnesses. If you do have an old contract, we may be able to transfer the cash value into a newer policy without any income tax repercussions.

In any event, life insurance planning starts with an initial free no obligation consultation. Let us help you plan for your life insurance needs today!


Is an annuity right for you? Do you currently own one or more annuities and ever wonder whether they are still a good fit for you? We can help answer these questions and more regarding annuities.

Recent statistics show that individuals hold about 2.0 trillion in annuity contracts; a tidy sum considering an estimated 7.9 trillion is held in all types of IRAs. In 2016 alone, investors purchased $222.1 billion in annuity contracts. Most of this capital - $117 billion – went into fixed annuities.

There are two main types of annuities – Fixed and Variable. And even a third type which is a hybrid between the two which is called an Equity Index Annuity. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

We will help simplify the maze of confusion regarding annuities, and work to determine whether one or more annuities is the right fit for you. And, we can also review your current policies to determine whether they are performing as originally planned.