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Investment Management

Our investment management services are fee-based only, so you never have to worry about hidden commission costs. You will always know what you are being charged!

We believe that investments are an important part of a healthy and diverse body of assets and can bring great benefits to your long-term financial picture. When creating an investment strategy that best suits you, we use a variety of financial components.

But isn't investing risky?There is always some associated risk when dealing with fluctuating markets and the economy, but with our solid experience, good planning, and proven strategies, we can help minimize this risk!

We take a comprehensive look at your financial life...

We will review and discuss with you, with no obligation, your current 401k Investments, Annuities, Brokerage Accounts, Life Insurance, credit card debt, and your taxes. Do you question whether or not you have enough Life Insurance? How do your investments affect your taxes? Are you invested wisely in your employer 401k or 403b plan? Do you wonder whether an Annuity is right for you or how they work with your other investments?

We thoroughly research all recommendations, monitor your accounts closely, provide professional, educated and experienced service. We meet with you to discuss your account on an annual or bi-annual basis or as needs arise!

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, planning is an important part of a successful life or business. Uninformed financial decisions, inefficient accounting or budgeting practices and poor planning have led to financial ruin for many individuals and businesses.  We want to help you to avoid these pitfalls and to have a successful financial life now and in retirement.