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Social Security???s


Tax Planning, IRS Notices, Tax Return Preparation

Do you have questions about how Social Security benefits will affect your retirement, how it is calculated, at what age to start drawing these benefits?  

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Small Business Resource

​​Bookkeeping & Accounting

Small business bookkeeping, Monthly Financial Statements, Payroll...

Retirement Strategies

Do you wonder whether or not you will have enough money to retire when the time comes?  We can help you plan solid retirement strategies starting from where you are right now.  If you have already retired, maybe you wonder whether or not your current retirement strategy is really the best fit for you.  We can help you optimize your retirement savings and help you to plan for long-term financial and estate considerations.

We will do a comprehensive look at your financial life...

We will review and discuss with you, with no obligation, your current 401k Investments, Annuities, Brokerage accounts, Life Insurance, credit card debt, and your taxes.  Do you question whether or not you have enough Life Insurance? or How your investments affect your taxes?  or If you are invested wisely in your employer 401k or 403b plan?  Do you wonder whether an Annuity is right for you or how they work with your other investments?

Financial Planning & Investment Analysis

401k rollovers, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Insurance Planning, Managed Money...

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